Amx produces processing lines which are technologically innovative, stemming from a long internal experience and from an ethos of collaboration with clients.
Amx is aware of the market demands, and is constantly up to date with innovations, and because of this is able to offer products which maintain their flexibility and functionality even over long periods of time.
There are no limits to finding solutions which go beyond the conventional technologies of this sector, so by evaluating different technological applications and adapting them to create personalized solutions, these are then able to simplify and optimize the flow of production.

X-Final Line (Back End)

Our X-Final Line is an assembly line dedicated to automotive industry, where the process is clearly defined and carried out by modular stations, capable of satisfying every need in the production process.
The compact and flexible nature of this line, thanks to high levels of technology, guarantees an excellent performance for every component, which would normally involve numerous and complicated production processes.

The design of our products mirrors the values and innovation of the technological content, which has to pass stringent analyses which look at the operational functioning, and this results in finding ergonomic solutions and materials of excellent quality. When designing the product, the most minimal details are taken into consideration, and this works towards achieving a continuous process of simplifying the machines, in order that they become simpler to use, and more dynamic and productive.