Patented modular design AMX for assembly lines and stations.

Amx X-Smart has a modular design used in stations of different sizes and functions. The stand-alone modular station or connected to other stations composes a complete automatic assembling line.
It can also be attached to a current line to increase or update the manufacturing process.
X-Smart has an operative software, the graphic interface has been studied and designed in line with the modular concept; intuitive and easy to use is comparable with the comfort we have every day on our tablets and smartphones.

This specific modular station has on board a measuring system used for quality control over the parts dimensions. A changing tool enables the robot to dispense glue over the part and handling components. In general the X-Smart on board configurations are limitless and customized on Client’s requests. The project combines design and Industry 4.0 requirements, with the ambition to bring the future in the present. The machine can have different configurations and this flexibility optimizes the manufacturing processes; it enables to have customized solutions, safe conditions and a better connection between operator, space and production. The operator area has been designed to be intuitive, safe and comfortable, in order to have a more productive environment; and this is the same concept we used for the software graphic interface.

The design tailored to your needs

X-Smart module is a design container that, according to the customer's production needs, can be equipped with different configurations and / or technical solutions, creating from time to time operating stations with different functionalities and measures, but always operationally and aesthetically modular, faithful to the Amx design.