Amx designs their own modules which can then be adapted according to the needs of the client, maintaining a high level of flexibility and guaranteeing excellent levels of production. All Amx machines are made using Industrial Grade technology.

Functional Catalogue


A machine designed for standard work characterized by a simple level of technological processes and with limited production costs. Can be used with components which have less complex functions; guarantees excellent performance for low-cost markets. It’s composed by essential equipment with appropriate quality standard.


A single machine designed by Amx available in different sizes, which can be used for different applications. It’s equipped with a touch-screen monitor with advanced functions and a database for archives which has a ‘LAN’ network interface connectable with other machines. X-Smart can be supplied set up in different ways: automatic and therefore completely closed, or semi-automatic which allows the operator access to a range of operations, or with LwR technology.


Usually larger than the X-Smart, it has the advantage of a rotating table which allows several operations to be completed at once, guaranteeing a higher level of production.
It’s a classic piece of machinery of the industrial automation, and the models vary from simple to more complex, depending on the number of processes to be carried out and the complexity of the product. X-Rotary can also be supplied in a completely closed format, or accessible to the operator during the loading and offloading phase.


A testing machine which can be used for the following operations: electrical measurements (also with “can-bus” connectivity); dimensional tests with precision instruments; mechanical tests, leak test with air and/or helium. It’s equipped with the latest systems for acquiring “real time” data in order to make precise detections. It can be supplied in different versions: automatic, semi-automatic or with LwR technology.

X-Line (Middle Line)

This is a configuration of the X-Smart and/or X-Testing machines. Joined by a pallet transport system, they become a production line capable of achieving all the phases of assembly.
X-Line is also equipped with an X-Server which archives data connected with various stations, via network. It’s also able to trace data (using BoM) and to be connected to the administrative software. In this instance, the intervention of the operator would only be required for the loading and offloading of the products from the production line.

X-Final Line (Back End)

This is the final assembly line composed of different machines (X-Smart and/or X-Testing). The moving of the pieces to be assembled is achieved via a pallet transport system which connects the whole assembly line. In this instance automatic and semi-automatic machines may be involved, and so one or more operators must always be present. Each operation will be subject to a rigorous quality and dimensional control, including a forced and guided sequence of all the phases of production and backup. The same operations will be rigorously traced and managed by X-Server. In order to obtain an efficient X-Final Line we need to work very closely with the client.

Advanced traceability
X-Final Line differs from our other products, in that it has more complex software which can manage a very detailed level of traceability relating to components or pre-assembled pieces via Data Matrix codes. It also checks their suitability, communicating internally with other machines connected to the production line.


A machine which guarantees an impressive autonomy during the loading and offloading of the single pieces, without the intervention of an operator. The pieces are positioned using pallets at a fixed height and are offloaded and positioned by a robot or electric supports in the various stages of assembly. X-Stacker is the perfect system for repetitive operations in which operator intervention is unrealistic during the whole work shift.


A machine which has technologically advanced and/or experimental contents which allow it to overcome certain technical problems, which traditional machines cannot resolve.
X-Warp can be used as a stand-alone machine or inserted into an X-Final Line, providing additional advantages and improving general performance. This option would be directly managed and connected with our Amx-Lab.


Modulo server dedicato alla tracciabilità nel settore automotive con tecnologia Poka Yoke e Fool Proof. Nella X-Line e nella X-Final Line possiede delle capacità più sofisticate, in funzione delle complessità delle attività di produzione.
X-Server può essere anche fornito singolarmente per far fronte alle richieste di trasformazione di linee produttive già esistenti.


This is the supply of an upgraded software and hardware for an already existent line, if the current components and software are not able to guarantee adequate traceability. X-Client can be supplied with manual workbenches in order to manage the assembly of prototypes. In this instance a connection to X-Server will be necessary.