Ag / Cu Pressure Sintering Gamma
X-Sinter P201X HS Series

X-Sinter P201X HS Series

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X-Sinter P201X HS Series products

X-Sinter P201X HS Series Technology

The X-Sintering P201X HS Series is a new patented concept for a sintering press that is specifically designed for large area applications. It ensures reliable bonding between packages and coolers without any cracking issues.

The press is equipped with the AMX patented Micro-Punch system and can operate in a completely controlled inert atmosphere cabinet, using nitrogen or other inert gases. With its versatile capabilities, this equipment can process various types of heatsinks, including baseplates, pin thin heatsinks, and different materials and metallizations. It can easily be converted by interchangeable fixtures or different pressing tools.

The X-Sinter P201X HS was developed to handle different cooler designs, allowing for easy management of production variants and minimizing downtime.

X-Sintering P201X HS is IoT-ready with hardware and advanced software. It features an intuitive interface and complete traceability, aligning with the principles of Smart Industry 4.0. Unit can load data on customer MES, SECS GEM and OPCUA protocol ready.
Our patented technology

Discover AMX Automatrix Micro-Punch System

Discover AMX Automatrix Micro-Punch System

AMX Automatrix worldwide patented a unique sintering tool for its sintering press, the ‘Micro-Punch’ able to press individually and with a dedicated pressure every single component on the substrate.

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Discover AMX Automatrix Micro-Punch System
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