Automation equipment

Customized automation solution for electric automotive industry.

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Thanks to this long experience, AMX is able to apply this technical knowledge to the power electronic sector. We can design and manufacture auxiliary systems for our die attach related equipment and scanning acoustic microscopes, customizing our units according to the customer needs (e.g. handling systems. pick&place to manage racks and trays). Our full inline integrated software is editable and configurable according to the specific production needs. Amx proposes top solutions aligned to the complex demands of the international automotive market. In order to reach this target, the machinery has to be “adaptive”, giving more importance to the electronic technology rather than the mechanical components, so that the equipment can be modified only by a software code. AMX has a team of dedicated technician, who develop the software internally. Our software is easily managed by teleservice on all levels of machinery and it can analyze other possible improvements in the process. AMX designs and produces flexible technological solutions in captivating and functional modular stations called X Smart. X Smart station, designed by AMX, is available in different sizes, which can be used for different applications. It is equipped with a touch-screen monitor with advanced functions and a traceability database.

Final assembly line

Testing stations - Leak testing

Dispensing stations

Clean Room & Prototyping
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